Virginia TV show or film would make ‘complete sense’, says developer

The co-creator of hit indie game Virginia says he would love to see it become a TV show or film.

The story-driven title, by developer Variable State, draws heavy inspiration from 1990s TV programmes such as Twin Peaks and The X-Files. Thus, co-creator Jonathan Burroughs says it makes ‘complete sense’ to take Virginia into the world of linear media.

I think it would be fantastic [to make a Virginia TV show or film],” he said. I’d love to do that if someone was interested. I don’t think we’d be the ones making it, but if someone wanted to make a TV series of film based on Virginia, it makes complete sense to me. Virginia’s inspirations were TV. It would take some re-working, but I would love to see someone take the source material and do their own interpretation.”

Furthermore, the developer said that he would be excited to see Virginia come to physical retail.

It’s more a question for [publisher] 505 Games, but a boxed release would be excellent,” Burroughs said. Physical games don’t mean as much as they once did, but that would be a cool thing to do.”

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