Volition producer was uncomfortable with THQ’s Saints Row marketing

An associate producer from developer Volition has spoken out about her discomfort at the series’ handling by former publisher THQ.

I did not always love how much THQ put an emphasis on porn stars,” Kate Nelson told Edge. In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3 there was an emphasis on the penthouse girls.

I think it’s important in marketing games to make sure that the essence of the game is what’s being marketed, and I think the porn star angle didn’t really fit in with what Saints Row is at heart, which is a parody. We like to poke fun.”

Nelson added that the result was that the game was seen by many as one that was sexist – an accusation she regards as unfair, particularly owing to many of the changes made in Saints Row IV.

I think our game actually does represent women in a positive way, but the press will focus on, oh hey, there are strippers, or there’s a dildo bat – it’s unfortunate from my perspective that that doesn’t come through,” she argued.

Because I hear women talk on panels and they’re like ‘there are no people that look like me in games’. Well, actually in my game [the main character] can look like you as our customisation system is so extensive. We don’t get that across in our marketing or in the press because it’s difficult – we only have 30 seconds to explain.”

Koch Media acquired Saints Row from THQ in January.

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