G2A is developing a VR game

Online key reseller G2A has confirmed plans to branch out into games development.

PCGamesN reports that its first title will be a VR game called Blunt Force. It’s set in World War II but also features an overlapping peaceful exploration game” set before the conflict. Basically it’s part walking simulator and part Nazi FPS. Which does at least cover the bases.

It seems as if the game will see players switch between pre and post war scenarios within the same settings, so for instance will experience a bar in peacetime before it’s juxtaposed with its war torn WWII appearance.

The plot is being developed by Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Edge of Tomorrow and Battlefield 1 writer Mark Bristol.

Blunt Force will be released episodically starting next year.

G2A is also developing a VR amusement park called G2A Land and a 3D figure printing service.

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