Google’s Daydream VR platform now open to all developers

After months of only working with a select group of developers on Daydream-compatible apps, Google has now opened up its nascent VR platform to all developers provided they follow the company’s detailed submission guidelines.

Previously, Google had kept a watchful eye over which developers were allowed to create apps for its Daydream VR platform in order to make sure that only quality content appeared on its new Daydream View headset. However, it also had the unintended effect of limiting the number of apps available to download, meaning that users didn’t have a huge selection of experiences to choose from when they bought the headset.

According to Upload VR, however, that’s all about to change, as Google has now invited all developers to start making Daydream-compatible apps in accordance with its newly released guidelines. This could dramatically increase the number of apps available on Google’s Daydream platform and propel the headset toward being a true Samsung Gear VR rival.

Google also recently announced that the price of its Daydream View headset would be reduced to $49 in the US, down from its regular price of $79, until February 25th. While it’s unlikely users will see an influx of new apps before this date, the price reduction would suggest the headset as a whole hasn’t been doing too well in terms of sales.

Indeed, SuperData’s Year in Review report for 2016 stated that Google had shipped just 261,000 units of its headset last year, compared to 745,000 PSVR units, 2.3m Gear VR units and 88.4m Google Cardboard units. It also noted, however, that once more Daydream-compatible phones are released the Daydream View will become accessible to millions more Android users than Samsung’s Gear VR, which is only compatible with Samsung’s latest crop of S6 and S7 handsets in the UK.

Samsung recently announced the Gear VR had sold over 5m units worldwide, but the fate of its headset could be tied up with the ongoing Oculus vs ZeniMax case. Since the Gear VR is powered by Oculus technology, a win for ZeniMax could potentially result in a sales injunction on all Oculus headsets. The outcome of the trial is expected to be announced this week.

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