Technology firm working with headset manufacturers to embed combination of software and hardware into VR devices

LeapMotion demonstrates Orion hand tracking for VR

Motion tracking specialist LeapMotion has debuted a new solution to hand tracking in virtual reality.

Orion is a combination of software and hardware designed to offer a more reliable markerless tracking system for VR.

According to LeapMotion, the platform boasts improved latency, longer range and faster action recognition, as well as coping with variable ambient light and multiple physical objects.

Changes have also been made to expand the area in which the user’s hands can be tracked, include at high angles and occlusion.

Actions such as grabbing and pinching virtual objects have been refined, shown working in LeapMotion’s upcoming Blocks demo.

The tech firm added that it is currently in talks with VR headset makers to discuss the potential of building Orion into the devices.

The Orion beta is now available on Windows, with a new interaction engine designed for the platform arriving in the future.

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