Latest release includes Twitch chat integration, director mode and mixed reality support

Northway updates Fantastic Contraption with social VR features

Fantastic Contraption creator Northway Games has introduced a slew of features focused on making the virtual reality title more communal.

The build-it-yourself puzzle game now includes a director mode, allowing players to show the gameplay from an external view rather than the default first-person headset perspective. Northway points out that the mode is suitable for Twitch streaming or local display, with multiple cameras supported.

In addition, director mode can be combined with a webcam to enabled mixed reality, showing the player’s movements in real-life overlaid on their in-game actions.

“We find that mixed reality is one of the most engaging and best ways to demonstrate the game, be it at conventions, streamed online, making trailers, or showing things off at home,” the developer explained.

“To do it right you will need some equipment (green screens, a nice camera, beefier computer hardware) – but if you can pull it off it’ll look amazing.”

In line with making Fantastic Contraption more stream-friendly, Northway has also added in a virtual integration with Twitch chat, letting the user see viewer comments without leaving VR.

Playing into the hands of viral sharing on social media, the ability to tweet an animated GIF of Fantastic Contraption gameplay from within the virtual environment has been introduced, too.

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