Palmer Luckey conspicuously absent from Oculus Connect 3 keynote

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey was not seen on stage at the Oculus Connect 3 keynote, probably due to his support of pro Trump memes.

Luckey is usually a regular at Oculus keynotes, as you would expect, but at yesterday’s Oculus Connect 3 he was nowhere to be seen, he didn’t even appear in one of the pre recorded videos.

His absence was made even more obvious when you look at the names that did appear on stage. Fellow co-founders Brendan Iribe and Nate Mitchell showed their faces, as did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, along with other Oculus staffers.

Earlier in the year Luckey came under fire for financing a pro Donald Trump organisation that created memes designed to make Hillary Clinton look bad. The Oculus co-founder gave the organisation $10,000 causing outrage from many in the tech sector. Some devs even dropped support for the Oculus as a result.

Of course the move to keep him away from the spotlight was probably a good one, especially when you have Mark Zuckerberg on hand to take over keynote hosting duties. In a few months Luckey will probably be back and this whole thing will be forgotten.

The Oculus Connect 3 keynote produced a ton of Oculus Rift related news, including new system requirements that are significantly lower than the previous set and a price for the upcoming Oculus touch controllers.

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