VR is currently ‘pretty expensive, relatively primitive’, admits Oculus Rift creator

VR might not be for everyone just yet, but you’d be a luddite to count the nascent technology out for good.

That’s according to the 22-year-old creator of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, who recently candidly told GameSpot that those yet to be won over by headsets such as the Rift, PlayStation Morpheus and Valve Vive VR would be unable to resist the fully matured form of the sector.

"I don’t expect everyone to be interested in VR as it is today, which is honestly a pretty expensive, relatively primitive proof of concept compared to where we want it to be, where science-fiction depicts it,” admitted Luckey. But it is inevitable that it will become better.

"If they have tried and they still say, ‘No, this is never going to be interesting,’ I would say I think it’s just a matter of time, quality, and cost.

"Eventually, the cost will be so low and the quality will be so high, and the breadth of content will be so wide that it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone but the most diehard luddite saying, ‘I have no use for virtual reality.’"

Oculus’ long-awaited consumer edition of the Rift will launch early next year, while the Vive will be the first of the VR bunch to arrive later in 2015. PlayStation’s PS4-focused Morpheus, meanwhile, is currently slated to follow later in 2016.

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