VR Lens Lab wants to improve virtual reality experience for glasses wearers

Glasses wearers often face a choice – enjoy clear VR is discomfort or be comfortable at the expense of blurry visuals. A new Kickstarter wants to fix that.

VR Lens Lab promises the option of adding prescription lenses to Samsung’s Gear VR headset, lettings users ditch their glasses completely when using the device.

Right now, if users don’t wear contact lenses with their VR headsets, they are expected to somehow squeeze their glasses inside the unit,” the pitch reads. This can become uncomfortable when your temples come under sustained pressure from headset straps or when the nose pads of your glasses are pressed heavily against your face.

In some cases the lens of the VR headset can rub against your glasses scratching both lenses. That is a big problem. With VR Lens Lab, we have created easy-to-use adapters for prescription lenses and lenses with special coatings that you can simply leave within the headset.”

The company can only offer the lens housing via Kickstarter due to the site’s ban on medical devices, so the lenses themselves have to be ordered directly from VR Lens Lab. All in all the system will cost users between €40 and €110 depending on how much kit they want.

The company is looking to raise €5,000. Backing stands at just €1,419, however, with just 11 days to go.

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