VR means the end for TVs, Oculus founder predicts

Is VR the next 3D TV or the future of entertainment? Unsurprisingly the founder of Oculus falls into the latter camp.

In fact, Palmer Luckey thinks that virtual reality will be so pervasive that it could even bring about the end of the television set.

Polygon reports that Luckey told Maximum PC that he reckons the resources needed to construct, ship and sell TVs mean that the entire model "just won’t be feasible" in a VR-savvy future, adding:

"Why in the world would you buy a 60-inch TV that, even if it were dirt cheap for that, it’s still going to cost a lot to ship it and make it from raw materials.

"A VR headset is going to be much better and much cheaper and you can take it anywhere. Eventually, VR is going to be good enough – someday, as good or as close to real life. If you want to simulate sitting in a room watching a TV, you’ll be able to do that."

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