VR needs a defining title, Warner Interactive president says

The industry is still waiting for the game that will set the VR pulse racing with consumers.

That’s according to Warner Bros Interactive president David Haddad, who hopes that VR’s first big hit is just around the corner.

If you look at platforms and how they scale and when they scale — broadly, for me, VR is a platform, even though there are several pieces to it – they ultimately all have some piece of defining content,” he told VentureBeat. The Xbox had Halo. The Wii had Wii Sports. HBO had the Sopranos that propelled them.

Hopefully this holiday we’ll see more of that defining content. But given that we’re in the early stages with this, we’ll see it evolve. Once again, we think big brands can matter if they’re creatively compelling and interesting.”

Hadded also said that Warner could possibly hold its own E3 press conference in the future.

For us it’s mostly slate-driven,” he explained. You look at the people that have meaningful press conferences, the big publishers — there’s a slate that holds that together. I believe that could be in our future. It didn’t make sense for us this year.”

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