Warface creator MY.GAMES announces 46% per cent Q2 growth – Warface on Switch hits 2.5m users

MY.GAMES, best known for its warface franchise, has announced impressive growth in revenue for Q2, up by 46 per cent year on year to $152m With the company stating that it reached 700m registered users globally in the 3 month period. 

The UK, France and Germany all saw big rises, as the free-to-play specialist continued to expand into key western european markets. It achieved this via new console releases, most notably launching the spin-off premium tactical FPS Warface: Breakout onto PS4 and Xbox. 

Meanwhile, the original Warface saw strong growth on Switch since its February release, clocking up 2.5m users and quadrupling the games US revenues. 

The company saw continued growth in mobile revenue, which made up 67 per cent of its revenues. Its top Q2 mobile titles were War Robots, Hustle Castle, Left to Survive, Love Sick: Interactive Stories, and Zero City. In-app spending grew by by 39 per cent during H1, significantly higher than the global average of 21.2 per cent YoY. And it made consider able inroads into the UK with overall mobile revenue increasing by 65 per cent year on year.

“The unprecedented challenges faced by the world and the games industry in 2020 have had a noticeable impact on our results this quarter. Due to worldwide lockdown measures, we have seen an overall increase in the number of players playing our games and in the amount of time spent playing them,” said Volker Boenigk, General Manager of MY.GAMES Amsterdam. 

“MY.GAMES operates three main divisions: development, publishing, and investment. We have been actively engaged in the European games industry for some time, publishing major titles such as Conqueror’s Blade. As our growth this quarter shows, we are experienced in bringing both PC and console games to the European market and scaling them effectively. As we move forward, we will be looking to reinvest our growth from this quarter into new partners and teams.”

“In the face of challenges posed to our global teams, we successfully launched three titles in Q2,” continued Boenigk. “We also smoothly integrated with a new partner, BeIngame, to support Zero City on mobile. We are constantly reaching new audiences as our portfolio diversifies and grows. Despite the mitigation of risks needed in the industry right now, we will continue hitting our targets throughout 2020 and 2021. We are developing over 15 new games and continue to operate and support over 60 games in more than 190 countries, with MY.GAMES’ first-party IPs accounting for approximately 90% of our total revenue. While we expect player behaviour may return to normal later this year, we have consistently outpaced the gaming market’s growth in what could have been a difficult period. Going forward, we are focusing on achieving our forecasted annual financial results.”

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