Watch Dogs Legion leaks ahead of E3

A leak from Amazon UK has revealed Ubisoft is set to unveil the third instalment of its Watch Dogs series during E3. Rumours about the hacktivist game being set in London now appear to have been correct.

While the listing on the retailer’s website has since been removed, the URL intimates the game will be called Watch Dogs Legion. According to reports, the storyline will further expand on the hacktivist group DeadSec, and permit players to play as any character available in the game’s open world.

“Play as anyone: Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems,” the game description – now deleted – reportedly said.

The formal announcement is expected to come at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference next week. The conference commences at 9pm UK time on Monday, June 10th, and will be live-streamed to fans across the world, too.

This isn’t the first premature E3 leak to spring in the Ubisoft camp. Last week we reported that details of a new Ubisoft subscription service – seemingly entitled Ubisoft Pass – popped up on Ubisoft’s own store. Although the listing was promptly removed, members of ResetEra managed to snap a screenshot before the item was removed. A Ubisoft subscription category had also been added to the Ubisoft website, but that too has now since been deleted.

Ubisoft recently reported another record financial year, revealing the company will be “speeding up [its] investments in teams and studios in order to support the Group’s growth” over the upcoming financial year.

In its full FY19 fiscal report, the developer/publisher shared a 17 per cent hike in net bookings – rising to €2,029 million – and revealed that non-IFRS operating income was up 49 per cent to €446 million. Furthermore, the company revealed it had out-performed estimates for digital, PRI (player-recurring investment such as DLC and microtransactions) and back catalogue sales, “confirming the increasingly recurring profile of Ubisoft’s business”. In just a year, PRI spend has jumped from 28 per cent of net bookings to 31 per cent, and the company anticipates even stronger revenue this year.

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