Watching The Halo Channel will unlock content in Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection

Microsoft has confirmed an interesting incentive to get people watching its exclusive Halo Channel TV content.

Polygon reports that watching The Halo Channel will in turn unlock some additional content in both this year’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection and next year’s Halo 5.

"When you get to the end of a show it will show you all the things you’ve unlocked and experienced and another key part of that is rewarding you for the things you’ve done in the channel and ecosystem," 343 Industries executive producer Kiki Wolfkill said.

So, Halo: Nightfall for instance will have unlocks in The Master Chief Collection and in the Halo 5 beta that will carry into Halo 5 and vice versa. What we really want to do is create this really seamless ecosystem that allows you to experience different things together and be rewarded for that.”

Interactivity will stretch beyond simply content in associated games, too.

"Interactivity on top of the shows is something that’s really important for us,” Wolfkill added. We have to be really deliberate in how we think about that and about what kind of interactivity is really appropriate to the show that you’re watching.

For something like Forward Unto Dawn, which is very story driven, we want all the interactive features to be about enhancing your immersion and enhancing your understanding of the story, not pulling you out of it."

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