WayForward’s Watch Quest is the first adventure game coming to the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might not be out yet, but one developer already has an adventure game in line for launch on the tech timepiece.

WayForward Technologies, the outlet behind platforming titles Mighty Switch Force and DuckTales Remastered, has announced that it will bring Watch Quest to Apple’s wearable on its day of release, April 24th.

WayForward describes Watch Quest as ‘exclusively for Apple Watch’, but the game will actually require an iPhone as well. Although, it’s hard to believe many consumers will be opting for an Apple Watch without the firm’s smartphone to link it to.

Watch Quest will divide action between the Watch and the iPhone, with the former representing ‘a journey that spans several hours’ and the latter serving as each player’s kingdom.

What this means is that players will choose and equip a hero on their iPhone, before switching to the Apple Watch to guide said adventurer through environments – battling monsters, hunting for treasure and solving puzzles on the way.

A number of quests of varying difficulty and requiring different levels of participation – both active and passive – will be offered.

The game comes free with one training quest, with extra characters and campaigns purchasable from within the iPhone app as Quest Packs.

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