‘We want to do for eSports what Sky did for football’ says AD&D

AD&D, a new partnership formed by UK agency Attention Seekers and US events giants Done & Dusted, has said it wants to do for competitive gaming what Sky did for football.

The firm has said that it wants to revolutionise how eSports is presented and make them more accessible to a mainstream audience.

I’d like to see us doing for competitive gaming what Sky did for football when they came to the UK. I don’t mean pumping it full of money and ruining the game, I mean the presentation of football,” Attention Seekers director Jason Wiltshire (pictured, right) said.

I’d really like to see us go in and revolutionise how competitive gaming is presented. You look at some very popular triple-A titles that have had competitive gaming built around them, and look at the fraction of people who watch or engage with the competition, the broadcasts – it’s minuscule compared to the actual people investing in this game.

The opportunity is massive. If it’s right, the fans of these games will tune in and watch this as religiously as people watch football. But it’s about revolutionising the way that broadcasters screen to people. That for me would be a key goal.”

Furthermore – the new partnership wants to make its mark on the games scene by starting a brand new event for the sector.

In an ideal world, I’d love it if we were working with some stakeholders to create a new event from the ground up,” Done & Dusted CEO Simon Pizey (pictured, above far right) said.

We’re in a space in the evolution of gaming that there’s definitely opportunity to do that and we want to work with brands and games companies to create those events.”

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