We want to make CoD5 the best game ever

The studio behind Call Of Duty: World At War has told MCV that it is looking to make no less than the best game of all time”.

In an exclusive interview, Treyarch creative boss Richard Farrelly (pictured) also explained why the developer decided to take the fifth title in the COD series back to a World War II setting after the success of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

We knew we had to approach the WWII genre different as it was getting a little stretch,” Farrelly told MCV.

We had to hit the reset as to what people would expect from it. We took a lot of tips from the success of Modern Warfare, in terms of how they presented the game, the pacing, the different approach for the music and the way the characters speak in the game… right down to the level of maturity of the content. Which really sets a different tone for any WWII game.”

He added: We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. But a two year cycle now enables us to test the game and make sure what goes in the game is real quality. We want to make the best game ever made.”

GAME customers have just voted CoD4: Modern Warfare the greatest game ever released.

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