Web stat unity ‘will not be easy’

The UK games media says it must stop confusing advertisers and agree on an industry standard for measuring web traffic.

But there is much to be done before this complicated situation can be resolved.

Currently the games media uses multiple web traffic monitors – such as ABCe, Google Analytics and ComScore. But these firms use different systems and throw up conflicting numbers, which causes headaches for advertisers trying to work out where to place their ads.

There are so many site measurements that it’s confusing for advertisers and rivals. It’s a nightmare,” admits Future’s group publisher for entertainment Simon Maxwell.

We would like to be part of a simple system that works for everyone. I just don’t think we’re there yet.”

Imagine’s MD Damian Butt agreed: One system is the way to go. Ultimately though, large headline web traffic figures tend to just be corporate willy-waving. What counts is if your site can deliver clever campaigns to the right audience.”

There are three main sources for UK game site stats. Google and ComScore work on a web analytics system, while ABCe conducts an additional audit of client-supplied data.

However, Videogamer’s operations director Adam McCann says these solutions don’t suit everyone.

Right now the concept of a single auditor that provides an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of websites is far too idealistic,” he said.

Media owners all have different opinions on what should be included in a comparable audit, some of which clash or are too complex to realise with the current available solutions.”

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