Well be games’ greatest ever company, say EA boss

EA CEO John Riccitiello has said that he wants to ensure his employer is one day recognised as video gaming’s all-time greatest company.

He commented that he wanted to secure EA’s place in history by making it to games what ‘Disney is to aniationa and NBC is to television’.

However, speaking to the Financial Times, Riccitiello added that merely being number one in the publisher charts was not his priority.

"I read a book on how every medium creates one great company: animation created Disney, CBS was created by radio, NBC by television,” he said.

"Interactive entertainment is going to determine one great company and I think it’s this one. One of the reasons I’ve come back is to try to take it to the next step."

He added: "Above all, I’m trying to bring great quality and innovation back . . . I’m also trying to drive us towards a variety of new business models, whether it be subscription or micro-transactions, or advertising-based.”

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