Western Xenoblade Chronicles X does away with boob size adjustment slider

Details of further edits to the European and American versions of Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X have provoked yet more bizarre censorship allegations.

Siliconera reports that in the Japanese version of the game the character creator allows users to control breast size with a slider, allowing the game’s 13-year-old main protagonist to sport an assortment of bust sizes.

Nintendo, however, has sensibly decided to drop this ‘feature’ from the Western version, with only body size/height being adjustable.

MCV reported earlier this month that some of the game’s skimpier costumes have also been toned back outside of Japan. The original release sees Lin in a black-strap costume, complete with crotch window and underboob. The European release, however, is not revealing.

All of which has led to lots of complaints online from players who would prefer to have the option of over-sexualising underage girls in video games.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in the UK on December 4th.

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