What do CS:GO’s uncharted regions hold?

In November of last year, there were three Chinese CS:GO teams; CyberZen, Born Of Fire and TyLoo. While one of these names is now well known, after TyLoo pulled the greatest upset in CS:GO at this month’s DreamHack Malmo by defeating the recently crowned MLG Columbus champions Luminosity Gaming, none of them are household names.

Today there are more than 10 Chinese teams, with massive national organisations like LGD Gaming, Edward Gaming and Vici Gaming coming in. The latter of these has picked up CyberZen’s roster, and there are rumours of more on the way. TyLoo’s Malmo victory isn’t the spark of China’s CS:GO uprising, it’s a symptom – and a sign of things to come. But what other teams are out there waiting to remind us they’re there?

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