What does it say about reviews that Destiny shipped $500m without them?

Destiny is already a huge commercial success, yet hardly any major specialist games site has published its review of the game.

That’s because, as explained by Bungie prior to launch, copies weren’t distributed amongst the press until the day before release as it was concerned that accessing it without the community up and running would lead to disproportionately negative assessments.

So what, if anything does it say about the role played by the specialist press if a game can enjoy a record-breaking release with seemingly little concern from the buying public about paying out without the reassurance of a critical nod?

Has marketing become more important than reviews? Has the press hyped the game to such a degree over such a period that the actual final assessment has been rendered largely meaningless? Did Bungie’s pedigree mean that people had already made a purchasing decision?

Were buyers simply more interested in the many live streams that went live on the afternoon before release and based their decisions on that? Had everyone already pre-ordered so as to secure that bonus content?

We asked the question on Twitter and here’s the feedback we received:



And here are a few more, including one from DayZ’s Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall:

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