WHATS NEW October 17th 08

EA’s FIFA 09 may

continue to dominate the UK charts

, and win over

the world’s games critics

, but this Friday brings its sternest test yet in the shape of Konami’s

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009


The battle between the two footballing giants typically defines the UK October charts, and this year’s looks to be the sternest yet. FIFA 09 is being hailed as the most accomplished title in the series to date, leaving Konami to prove that it can finally deliver the next-gen footy title that its fans have been craving.

However, EA and Konami may both have to put up with second place if THQ has its way – the publisher certainly has high hopes for the sequel to its popular next-gen free-roaming gangster romp, and Saints Row 2 has a great chance of stealing the top spot from its competitors.

Also hitting retail this week is Sega’s re-imagining of its classic side-scrolling fighter, Golden Axe: Beat Rider. It’s joined by a Wii version of Ubisoft’s Puzzler Collection, as well as a DS outing for PSP and Xbox Live Arcade hit Exit, courtesy of Square Enix.

Other titles to look out for include Activision’s Rapala Fishing Frenzy, Deep Silver’s PC space outing X3 Terrain Conflict, EA’s Little Pet Shop and Focus’ entry in the games fitness sector, PC Fitness: Your Personal Trainer. And don’t forget Koei’s cult RPG Persona 3 FES for PS2.

Full Release Schedule for October 17th (taken from MCV’s constantly updated online release schedule):

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 – 360, PS3, PC (Konami)
Saints Row 2 – 360 (THQ)
Golden Axe: Beast Rider – PC, PS3, 360 (Sega)
Puzzler Collection – Wii (Ubisoft)
Rapala’s Fishing Frenzy – 360, PS3 (Activision Blizzard)
Exit DS – DS (Square Enix)
Persona 3 FES – PS2 (Koei)
X3 Terrain Conflict – PC (Deep Silver)
Little Pet Shop – DS, PC, Wii (EA)
PC Fitness: Your Personal Trainer – PC (Focus Multimedia)

God of War: Chain of Olympus Platinum – PSP (Sony)
Clever Kids: Pirates – Wii, PC, DS (Midas)
Clever Kids: Farmyard Fun – Wii, PC, DS (Midas)
Clever Kids: Dino Land – PS2, PC, DS (Midas)
Garfield Gets Real – DS, Wii (Zoo Digital)
Order Up! – Wii (Zoo Digital)
Jungle Gang – DS (Phoenix)
Rat-a-Box – DS (Phoenix)
Veggy World – PS2 (Phoenix)
Battlestrike: The Force of Resistance – PC (City Interactive)
Combat Wings of Battle of Britain – PC (City Interactive)
Marine Sharpshooter 3 – PC (City Interactive)
Tank Combat – PC (City Interactive)
Imagine Champion Rider – PC (Ubisoft)
Warriors of the Lost Empire – PSP (Playlogic)
Building and Co – PC (Playlogic)
Stateshift – PC (Playlogic)

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