WHATS NEW September 19th 08

There’s no doubting what game is spearheading the new retail releases this week – though if you’ve not yet felt a disturbance in the Force then it may be that LucasArts’

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

is not be for you.

Anyone who saw Justin Lee Collins’ Bring Back Star Wars on Channel 4 last night would have seen LucasArts’ trailer for its game in the ad breaks. Though it’s appeal beyond the Star Wars fan base might be limited, it’s hard to imagine anyone with even just a passing interest in the saga of Darth Vader not taking a look at the fascinating title.

Also of interest this week is Sony’s freeview TV add-on for PS3, PlayTV. For just 60 gamers can transform their console into a fully-armed and operational PVR (personal video recorder) – the device could just help shift a few extra consoles, too.

Another title to watch out for is EA’s expansion to Crytek’s popular PC FPS, Crysis: Warhead. Not only is the new game slightly easier on the tech specs, but it also doesn’t require the original to play.

Other releases of note include Koei’s Warriors Orochi 2 on Xbox 360 and PS2, Atari’s PC outing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Sega’s long overdue Yakuza 2 on PS2 and the latest instalment to Konami’s dance mat series, Dancing Stage SuperNOVA 2. Ubisoft also unleashes a number of new titles from its successful Imagine range onto the market this week.

And please note we haven’t forgotten Sega’s Samba De Amigo on Wii – that’s been pushed back to next week.

The full Release Schedule for September 19th (taken from MCV’s constantly updated online release schedule):

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – PSP/DS/Wii/PS3/PS2/360 (Activision)
Crysis Warhead – PC (EA)
Play TV – PS3 (Sony)
Warriors Orochi 2 – 360/PS2 (Koei)
The Witcher Enhanced Edition – PC (Atari)
Yakuza 2 – PS2 (Sega)
Dancing Stage SuperNOVA 2 – PS2 (Konami)

My Secret World By Imagine – DS (Ubisoft)
Imagine Baby Club – DS (Ubisoft)
Imagine Modern Dancer – DS (Ubisoft)
Imagine Fashion Model – DS (Ubisoft)

Allied Ace Pilots – DS (Ghostlight)
Jackass The Game – DS (Empire)
Ontamarama: Music Maniacs – DS (505 Games)
World Cup of Pool – DS (Midas)

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