Which game won the battle of the TV ads?

We reveal what TV viewers liked most about some of this season’s biggest games advertisements, including those for Skyrim, FIFA 12 and Modern Warfare 3.

Ensuring a TV?campaign is seen by a large number of people doesn’t always guarantee strong sales. The creative content of a TV commercial needs to encompass a number of factors to engage the audience and enhance memorability.

Generation Media asked its Generation Gaming Panel which games commercials were the best for the following: graphics, soundtrack, content, length, appropriateness, game footage and overall impact.

Spending big on a cast and crew of hundreds (and 30 ravens, of course) paid off for Skyrim as 24 per cent of the panel voted it their favourite commercial. Special mention was also made of Modern Warfare 3’s ‘The Vet & the Noob’ commercial, helping it achieve 22 per cent of the votes for overall impact.

FIFA 12 scored the highest percentage for a particular category in appropriateness of commercial placement, helped greatly by the large number of football matches on our screens at the moment.Despite recording the highest percentage for graphics (26 per cent), Forza 4 was the least liked advert with just two per cent of votes.

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