Why Nitrado was the right choice for our gaming studio – Sion Duncan from Impeller Studios explains

Sion Duncan, System Administrator at Impeller Studios, lists the main reasons why their move to Nitrado was so advantageous for the studio. Speed, reliability, customer service and, of course, the significant cost savings were factors that mattered. This article was created in collaboration with Nitrado


“When selecting a new provider for our Internal Development Network (IDN) we had multiple issues to contend with, ranging from price, hardware specification and global network connectivity. We required something that would allow us to grow and expand, while reducing our monthly expenditure from its previous levels.

Because our source code, build and publishing services are remote on rented hardware, we had concerns about performance, storage capacity and security,” Sion explained.

After evaluating several options the studio decided to engage Nitrado, the leader in the game server hosting industry. With data center locations all over the planet, Nitrado’s global network and footprint also played an important role in their choice.


“Nitrado was easily able to accommodate us, providing more than ample storage with redundancy and state of the art hardware to ensure our build process ran as efficiently as possible. This, combined with Nitrado’s global network, allowed all of our multi-national developers to access our internal network with even greater speed,” Sion said.

Nitrado’s Tier 3 data centers are located in Frankfurt, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore. They also have offices in both Europe and North America to ensure 24/7 customer service. 


“We’ve been with Nitrado for a few months now and we can safely say we made the correct choice. Our multi-national developers have noticed an average of a 400% increase in speed when uploading to our internal network (our previous provider had an average speed of 100KB/s versus Nitrado’s 3MB/s) and our Build Times have dropped from ~2 hours to 15 minutes!” Sion stated.

Nitrado’s server technology and data management are the most cutting-edge and advanced in the industry. They have spent almost 20 years building a highly sophisticated infrastructure and also offer 100% redundancy (e.g., a+b feeds for power supply) and the entire network is fully protected by SteelShield™, their proprietary highly advanced DDoS mitigation solution.

The lowest latency is ensured by a broad global network (>1000Gbit/s), a variety of tier 1 carriers, local peerings and internet exchange points. Additionally, Nitrado is part of Intel‘s early adopter program and their close cooperation with Supermicro ensures the highest hardware availability and allows them to adapt to the customer’s needs.



Nitrado’s pricing can be very flexible due to the fact that they own their entire infrastructure and even run their own routing solutions. This strong position and the focus on customer satisfaction are what makes them successful. 

“Over-all, we would recommend any studio, or company looking to outsource their source and build services to Nitrado. Their staff are nothing but professional, accommodating and the hardware Nitrado provides is state-of-the-art, while their prices won’t break the bank.”
– Sion Duncan, System Administrator at Impeller Studios

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Impeller Studios and are happy to have them as a customer. Their multiplayer game, ‘In the Black,’ is a great addition to our portfolio of more than 120 games.”
– Marcel Bößendörfer, Co-Founder of Nitrado

About Impeller Studios & In The Black

Impeller Studios, Inc. is a United States-based independent studio comprised of developers working from around the globe. The team draws experience from across the board, consisting both of industry veterans and the best new talent from the world’s top game design programs. Impeller’s debut project, In The Black, is a PC hardcore multiplayer online space combat simulator, and takes place in a dystopian future set in the 23rd century, where mankind is ruled by ruthless corporations waging a (mostly) covert shadow war for dominance of the solar system. Hard science drives the design of everything in the game including the ships, the weapons, the environment, the physics, and the special effects. Impeller’s partners for In The Black include Alienware, Logitech, NVIDIA, and Thrustmaster.

About Nitrado

Nitrado is a leading global game server hosting company with more than 20 years of experience and strong partnerships throughout the industry. It has a unique system, which administers game servers and hosted applications dynamically and automatically.

More information about Nitrado:

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