Wii-like 360 controller coming this year?

The Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller

reported on by MTV

is real, says


, and will see a release before the end of the year.

According to what the site calls ‘internal sources at Microsoft’, the tech will be remarkably similar to the Wii’s, with a sensor bar, accelerometer, gyroscopic sensor, rumble motors, wireless two-way communication with the 360 and a microphone voice Xbox Live and voice-controlled games.

Microsoft is also rumoured to have licenced patents from Gyration, a company that was hired by Nintendo to create a prototype of the Wii controller in 2001. It also licences the same patents for its current hardware.

MCV has contacted Microsoft and is awaiting a response.

When MCV questioned Microsoft’s European head of interactive entertainment Chris Lewis on the subject last month, he refused to be drawn.

Lewis said: History shows that we have always focused on creating the best experience for consumers. We have no announcements at the moment, but we’re always looking at new ways for people to connect.

"The excitement around our wireless controller is a good example of how we can surpass expectations in this area – the attach rate for that has been nothing short of amazing. We keep our minds open about the kind of experience people want to have."

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