Wii manufacturing costs have dropped 45% since launch

A global business analyst at Credit Suisse has claimed that the cost of manufacturing a Wii console has dropped by 45 per cent since the system launched in 2006.

Furthermore, Kotaku reports that the analyst believes these drops will pave the way for a Wii price drop later this year – seemingly ignoring the fact that Nintendo recently upped its trade price for the Wii console in the UK.

A number of leading electronics manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Dell and Sony have increased the UK prices on a number of their products in recent months owing to the current global weakness of the Pound.

However, with the recession having a negative impact on the amount of disposable income available to most consumers, price increases are seen as a risky strategy – particularly on products whose cost price has decreased so markedly.

UPDATE: A Nintendo spokesperson has given MCV the following statement.

"The decision to raise the cost price to retailers in the UK was taken due to the severe depreciation of the pound.

"From Wii launch in December 2006 to December 2008 the value of the pound fell by 43% against the yen whereas the dollar and euro only fell 22% and 18% respectively."

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