Wii overtakes 360 in UK; DS hits five million

Nintendo UK has revealed an impressive set of console hardware figures, stating that Wii has sold over two million units in the UK and DS now has an installed base of over five million.

Wii was the best selling home console of 2007 in the UK and now has an installed base of over two million units, surpassing the installed base of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which launched one year earlier. It also claimed a 45 per cent market share in the home console market.

DS was the top selling console of any kind during 2007, and boasts a 79 per cent handheld console market share. Combined sales of both of Nintendo’s Dr Kawashima Brain Training titles in the UK have now passed two and a half million units and were the top two selling software titles of 2007, while Nintendo’s Touch! Generations range now accounts for 56 per cent of all first party software sold for Nintendo DS in 2007 within the UK.

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