Wii price drop next month?

The evidence claiming the Nintendo is preparing to cut the cost of its Wii console continues to mount, with fresh indications coming this time from US retailer Wal Mart.

Kotaku laid its eyes on an advance retail price listing from the North American retailer (which owns UK supermarket Asda) which claims that the console’s price is to be rolled back” in the first week of October – shortly after the Tokyo Games Show at the end of this month.

The price of Wii has come under increasing pressure following recent price reductions to both Xbox 360 Elite and PS3.

However, it was only six months ago that Nintendo saw fit to increase the price of Wii in the UK thanks to the same global market pressures that saw Microsoft up the RRP of its Xbox 360 Arcade in the UK but not overseas.

The obvious concern is that the UK will be left out of any upcoming price reduction.

When contacted by MCV, Nitnendo UK said it does not comment on rumour or speculation.

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