Wii Sports in for HD Wii U re-release as Wii Fit U goes free

Nintendo has announced a planned digital release for an HD Wii U version of Wii classic Wii Sports.

It will be called Wii Sports Club and can be purchased in a number of ways, CVG reports.

All of the five included sports – tennis, bowling, golf, baseball and boxing – can be played for one day for 1.79. Alternatively, they can be purchased permanently on an individual basis for 8.99 a pop, although only tennis and bowling will be available initially.

Upon downloading the pack for the first time users will also be given 24 hours of free access.

Furthermore, every game will include online multiplayer and Miiverse functionality, although users will require a MotionPlus controller as apparently each has more refined” controls than the originals.

NintendoLife meanwhile reports that in the US Nintendo has revealed plans to give away a month’s free access to Wii Fit U. Access to the game after that period will require the purchase of a $19.99 Fit Meter accessory that tracks a user’s daily physical activity.

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