Wii U finally overtakes Xbox 360 in Japan

Almost 15 months after it was released in the territory, Nintendo’s Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan.

Wii U arrived in Japan on December 8th 2012 and as of last week has sold 1,643,095 units, according to Eurogamer. Xbox 360 has since its release in the territory in December 2005 sold 1,641,528 units.

The Wii U is currently selling in the region of between eight and nine thousand units a week in the region, meaning it has a long road ahead of it should it wish to catch the likes of PS3 (9.8m) or even the PlayStation Vita (2.5m).

PS4 launched in Japan at the weekend and sold 322,083 units in its opening weekend. Wii U’s Japanese opening weekend sales reached 308,570 units.

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