Wii U owners can only download adult games between 11pm-3am

Mature-rated video games like Ubisoft’s ZombiU can only be downloaded from Nintendo’s eShop between the hours of 11pm-3am.

This startling discovery, first reported by CVG, stems from a response issued to an Italian Wii U owner.

We would like to let you know that Nintendo has always aimed to offer gameplay experiences suited to all age groups, observing carefully all the relevant regulations regarding content access that are present in the various European countries,” the customer support email read.

"We have thus decided to restrict the access to content which is unsuitable to minors to the 11pm – 3am time window."

TheGamersHub.net’s Vaughn Highfield has since confirmed that the restriction does indeed apply to the UK.

It is also being suggested that the restriction only applies in Europe.

Considering Nintendo’s efforts to win back the traditional core console gamer market with its new machine, the decision seems insane. And won’t help persuade those who are unsure about a potential purchase of the machine to jump aboard.

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