Wii U sales rebound in the UK

Wii U sales are up by almost 125 per cent last week, retail sources have told MCV.

The rise in sales was due to the launch of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, plus HMV cutting the price of the Premium console by 140.

Monster Hunter accounted for almost half of the revenue generated by Wii U software during that week.

The following week (last week) saw the launch of LEGO City Undercover for Nintendo’s platform, and although that has had little impact on Wii U hardware sales, Wii U software sales has increased significantly.

The improved performance follows criticism from retail over the console’s poor performance, with stores threatening to reduce store space. Nintendo has since promised to speak to concerned retailers and reveal their plans to ‘build momentum’ for the console.

Despite the sales spike, Wii U still lags behind PS3 and 360.

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