Wii U sales stumble as Nintendo losses increase

Nintendo’s latest quarterly reports have shown a $233m loss, with the bottom finally dropping out of the Wii U market.

Wii U hardware sales fell by over 50 per cent for the three months ending June to just 220 units while 3DS sales fell by seven per cent to 940k. Software sales for both devices were up slightly. Overall revenues fell by 31 per cent.

Foreign exchange rates played a bit part too, however, with almost $333 in losses to blame on this technicality. Net sales were down 31 per cent.

Kirby: Planet Robobot was described as having steady sales” and Fire Emblem Fates is apparently off to a good start” in Europe.

Wii U sales for the year aren’t even expected to reach a million units, although it expects 3DS to hit 5m unit sales. NX, of course, is on track for a March release, opening up the possibility of an impact on the company’s full year financials ending March 31st 2017.

Reiterating its previous affirmation that Niantic’s Pokemon Go will not impact upon Nintendo’s numbers, the company has not adjusted its annual outlooks.

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