WII U TRADE GUIDE: Why the industry can’t wait

Excitement is brewing for Wii U as the November 30th launch approaches. James Batchelor asks industry experts what they are most looking forward to about the next generation of Nintendo


Craig McNicol, Koch Media
Nintendo always introduces new technology to the video games market: think of the introduction of the D-Pad with the NES, 3D platforming with Super Mario 64, portable gaming with the Game Boy, motion control with the Wii. The list goes on and on, and now we have the Wii U GamePad. I expect the controller with screen set-up to become the industry standard going forward.”

Ombelline Wallon, Ubisoft
The GamePad in itself is an interesting addition to the console: the touch screen in particular can help provide a very different experience to the gamer both in single-player and in multiplayer, where asymmetric gameplay comes into play. I am also very intrigued about NFC and how it will get implemented. It is another opportunity to create new forms of gameplay.”


Lee Kirton, Namco Bandai
The Wii U delivers unique gameplay, clever functionality and also innovation for many development studios out there to create something special. It will also deliver some of those great core games experiences that the hardcore audience was waiting for.”

Yasutomo Watanabe, Tecmo Koei
Nintendo is known for the innovation it brings to the gaming market, and we are very eager to see how the Wii U will affect gamers in the coming months.”

Jon Sutherland, Gem
The Wii being synonymous with family gaming and the Wii U now looking to attract more hardcore gamers will put added pressure on the other platform holders to compete, which is great for the consumer.”


Jon Rooke, THQ
The ability to play only on the GamePad could solve no end of living room disputes allowing for gaming and TV programming to happily co-exist.”

Chris Scullion, Nintendo-Gamer.net
My fiance isn’t always a huge fan of me hogging the telly with FIFA 13 all the time. So the ability to keep playing on the GamePad while she gets her fill of X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and all that other guff sounds like a nice way to keep both parties happy. Bless you for saving my not-yet-happened marriage, Nintendo!”


Chandra Nair, ONM
This is the first time since the SNES that a Nintendo console has had such strong support. And for me, ZombiU is the launch title that changes the way we play games. The fear it creates could only ever come from the inclusion of the GamePad.”

Andy Pinder, HMV
I am looking forward to Pikmin 3 as it was one of my highlights in the GameCube era. I’m also excited about Bayonetta 2. The original was one of my top games of 2010 and I’d expect it to do really well.”

Yen Hau, Rising Star
Monster Hunter in HD, on your TV, with your friends – this is what the franchise has been waiting for!”

Emily Bryce-Williams, Majesco
One of the stand out titles for me is New Super Mario Bros U. It’s certainly enough to stir my inner Nintendo geek and make me want to invest in a Wii U.”


Anna-Marie Mason, Marketing Director,GAME
We at GAME are really excited about Wii U, and plan to support it extensively. As the lead UK partner for Wii U, we have fun community initiatives in the pipeline, and have already unveiled a great week one offer for gamers: an extra 50 per cent value on any console or handheld traded in against Wii U. On top of that, GAME will have an additional software trade-in offer closer to launch date.”

Andy Pinder, Category Manager for Games, HMV
This is one of the biggest games events of the year. Interest has been fantastic and HMV pre-orders are showing that customers are excited about a new console entering the market. The initial software launch line-up has something for everyone with New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU getting the most interest.”

Greg Walton, Games Buyer, Asda
Asda will support the launch of Wii U with both in-store space and online presence. We are committed to give this as much support as we can to maximise sales for our customers. Wii U will be a great boost in the console market and will give 2013 a great start.”

Andrew Wilson, VGS Buyer,Argos
We expect this a soft launch based on Wii U’s limited day one availability. Software and accessories will be key. The market is in need of a new console and we hope this will have an impact on the category this Christmas and beyond.”

Christopher Rogers, Category Manager – Gaming, Dixons
Our plans are top secret. The limited stock on day one means that lucky customers will be looking to maximise their experience with several of the new games, encompassing all genres for the first time on Nintendo. I expect them to be dusting down their Wii Remotes and Wii Fit boards as we speak.”

Sarah Jasper, Head of Business Development, The Hut Group
We are very pleased that Nintendo has chosen to release the Wii U this side of Christmas and feel the price point is in line with all new console releases. This sentiment is shared by our customers as pre-orders have been strong since going live across our sites.”

James Rowson, Games Buyer, ShopTo.net
ShopTo will be supporting Wii U heavily from announce through to Christmas. My current favourite title is the ZombiU bundle, which proves the Wii U has reached the targeted hardcore gamer, although Mario is the No.1 pre-ordered software title as usual.”

Stephen Staley, Managing Director, Gameseek
We are going to push the Wii U in a big way. We have a full page promoting this in our new Gameseek magazine, which is going out to 500,000 gamers. Don’t forget, no one thought the Wii would be as successful as it was. People said it was two GameCubes slapped together – then it turned out to be one of the most important consoles of all time.”

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