Wii U: What is and is not in the box

Nintendo has, amongst other details this morning, confirmed what will be included with the Wii U in both of its launch SKUs in Japan.

Note, of course, that it’s not unprecedented for European and American launch bundles to differ form those offered in Japan.

The machine comes in two bundles – the Basic and Premium, priced at 26,250 (210)and 31,500 (250) respectively.

The entry-level bundle includes the Wii U console, one GamePad, a GamePad stylus, HDMI cable and power adapters for both the console and GamePad.

The high-end SKU adds a GamePad charging stand, a GamePad play stand, console stand and membership to the Nintendo Network Premium loyalty programme.

What’s not included, however, are any of the legacy Wii peripherals that are not only supported but also required for any multiplayer gameplay.

As well as omitting any Wii U Remote, Nunchuck’s or Classic/Pro controllers, the bundle doesn’t include a sensor bar either. Nintendo’s presumption is, of course, that more or less every household has a Wii to hand and will have a collection of the required peripherals.

Note too that mini-game collection NintendoLand is also not included in Japan, though we would expect that situation to be different in Europe.

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