Wiive led the way with motion control

David Yarnton says Wii U sceptics will be silenced once they’ve played it and as third-party support keeps ramping up.

Talking to MCV at E3 last week just after the console’s unveiling, he dismissed the initial doubts about the introduction of another new control system.

”Nintendo’s always been innovative with all of its consoles. People saw dual screens and were asking ‘What are they thinking?’. But after playing it realised the potential that had, and we were proven out with the many creative ideas that it enabled to come forth.

The same was true of the Wii. Everyone said ‘What has Nintendo done now? This is weird.’ But we have led the way with motion-controlled gaming – everyone followed us.”

Wii U’s unique offering is already finding passionate support amongst third-parties of all sizes from big publishers like EA, to smaller studios, he added.

We introduce concepts that challenge developers, and offer the chance to be more creative. Wii U does that, even deeper, with HD graphics, and the touchscreen. We’ve made a device that’s even easier to use in the living room.

It’s been really fantastic seeing the reaction from developers. Some only just got to see it at E3, and some we’d worked with earlier, but all were blown away.”

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