Windows 10 update needed to fix Quantum Break PC crashing

Remedy has said that a fix for the troubled PC version of Quantum Break won’t be possible until Microsoft rolls out an update to Windows 10 itself.

Writing on its forums, Remedy added an amendment to the section about Windows 10 performance issue and framerate stutters, that: Microsoft has identified a Windows 10 memory management issue which may cause Quantum Break to crash on some GPUs. This crash is seen more frequently at higher game settings. Microsoft plans to fix this in a future Windows Update.”

The studio had previously said: Sometimes, after a longer play session, the game can end up to a state where the video memory becomes fragmented, and an important asset gets moved to system memory, which slows the rendering performance significantly. This problem is very rare and Remedy will continue to investigate and improve the video memory behaviour in future updates.

If you experience this issue, exiting and restarting Quantum Break will resolve this issue for now. This is one way to identify if you have encountered this issue or if it’s another potential problem.”

Remedy said in April that Microsoft will next month introduce a method for developers to disable v-sync and add G-sync into Universal Windows Platform titles – and it will have a Quantum Break update ready to take advantage.

It has also pledged to add an exit game option to the main menu, as well as additional graphics options such as the ability to turn off film grain.

SLI, CrossFire and other multi-GPU support will not be added to the game, however. Nor does Remedy intend to alter the rendering technique, copied from Xbox One, that sees the game reconstructing a 720p image into an 1080p output (or a 960p into a 1440p).

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