Wolfenstein: The New Order illegally downloaded over 100,000 times

It’s a big hit with legitimate shoppers, but it seems that the new Wolfenstein was popular with pirates, too.

TorrentFreak reports that Wolfenstein: The New Order was in its first week downloaded via BitTorrent in excess of 100,000 times, making it the largest torrent of any type for the week.

All of which is despite the fact it required a massive 43GB download.

Some pirates, the site adds, even speculated that Bethesda specifically bloated the game’s file size to deter pirates.

And indeed, there was some anecdotal evidence of people abandoning their illicit downloads in favour of simply paying for the title. Even if a download was purchased, those with decent broadband connection could download the game in an hour or two thank to the faster speeds offered by legitimate channels.

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