Women in games unite in this week’s issue of MCV

As MCV, Develop and eSports Pro are about to unveil the winners of the third Women in Games Awards this afternoon, supported by Facebook, Twitch, Aardvark Swift, The Yogscast, Ukie and Rovio, this week’s issue of MCV is all about giving the finalists a platform to talk about their experiences with the industry and highlight the numerous issues still plaguing it.

35 finalists gave us their insight about dealing with misogyny in games and how we could tackle the industry’s diversity issues.

We also asked industry veterans Caroline Miller, Debbie Bestwick and Marie-Claire Isaaman to give their opinion about the current state of diversity, the challenges we still have to overcome and their own experiences in games.

Diversity is also a key focus in our other big feature of the week, which is dedicated to the top recruitment agencies in the UK. From parity to Brexit, they discuss the big issues and reveal how they match the brightest talent to the best roles around.

Elsewhere, we discuss Fig’s increasing growth with CEO Justin Bailey, who talks about the platform’s hybridrewards and investment system and why he thinks publishing is broken.

We also talk to System 3’s CEO Mark Cale as the publisher turns 35 this year ahead of the launch of Constructor.

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The full contents of this week’s issue are below:

  • OPINION: Indigo Pearl’s CEO Caroline Miller discusses the evolution of parity in the industry and the challenges we still have to tackle
  • OPINION: Team17’s CEO Debbie Bestwick highlights the positive developments of diversity in the industry and gives tips on how to forge a career in games
  • OPINION: Women in Games’ CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman talks about what can be done in education to encourage girls to join the games industry and why we need to grow our own talent as Brexit looms
  • WOMEN IN GAMES: We talk to the finalists ahead of this year’s Women in Games Awards
  • TOP UK RECRUITERS: Whether you need a new job or new staff, heed these wise words from the best UK recruitment firms
  • FIG: The crowdfunding site is turning over a new leaf with its mix of rewards and investment
  • SYSTEM 3: With Constructor soon to launch, we look at the UK’s longest-serving games firm
  • PLUS! Indie games merchandise range, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Tekken 7 headline the big game releases of the week, and more

About Marie Dealessandri

Marie Dealessandri is MCV’s former senior staff writer. After testing the waters of the film industry in France and being a radio host and reporter in Canada, she settled for the games industry in London in 2015. She can be found (very) occasionally tweeting @mariedeal, usually on a loop about Baldur’s Gate, Hollow Knight and the Dead Cells soundtrack.

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