World of Warcraft’s next expansion is called Legion

The sixth expansion to Blizzard’s MMO powerhouse World of Warcraft has been revealed.

It’s called Legion and will feature a brand new continent called The Broken Isles. Levels caps will be upped from 100 to 110. Plus, as players level they will now unlock PvP perks via a new ‘honour system’.

PvP’ers will also now be able to prestige, Call of Duty style, granting access to unique mounts and artefacts. Speaking of which, new artefact weapons are on the way, allowing for the customisation of legendary weapons.

There’s a new hero class, too – The Demon Hunter. New players will have the option of boosting straight to level 100 to co-op with their friends.

Floating city Dalaran will also be relocating to the new continent so players have a suitable meet-up point. Blizzard has also suggested there will be a greater focus on dungeons, admitting that previous expansions had under-delivered on this front.

In World of Warcraft: Legion, the stakes for the Alliance and the Horde are higher than ever, so we’re putting some of Azeroth’s deadliest forces directly in players’ hands,” Blizzard CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime said. Whether they’re wreaking havoc as a Demon Hunter or unlocking awesome new abilities for their Artifact, players will develop their characters’ power in ways they never have before.”

World of Warcraft: Legion does not yet have a release date. There is, however, a trailer:

It was revealed earlier this week that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have fallen to 5.6m people, down 1.5m from the previous quarter. It’s the lowest number for the game since December 2005.

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