WSVG owes $32,000 in prize money to players months after initial payment deadline

Tournament organiser WSVG have yet to pay out $32,000 in prize money.

The company, which held an event in the Maldives in October 2015, offered up an initial $50,000 prize pool to be split across Hearthstone, Starcraft II and FIFA tournaments, however most of this has not been received by players and organisations, as discovered by GosuGamers.

An original payment deadline of January 2016 was agreed on by all parties, but has since been missed by WSVG. As of April 14th teams and players are yet to receive payment.

Issues with payment seem to have come from sponsors not paying money owed to WSVG, including the Government of Maldives who promised financial backing for the event. Unfortunately the government official involved with this deal was injured in a domestic terrorist attack, which WSVG cited as a reason for the delay. Also involved is online key seller G2A, who said that they have not paid WSVG as the company has not fulfilled their contractual obligations.

The event itself was also a bit of a flop, with multiple technical issues and conflicting dates with other major events. It remains to be seen if WSVG can recover from this, but chances are that after the amount of issues they have encountered, we will not be seeing another major eSports event in the Maldives any time soon.

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