WWF Germany has teamed up with GamesForest.Club and Freaks 4U Gaming to protect forests

WWF Germany, Freaks 4U Gaming and Berlin-based non-profit organisation GamesForest.Club are working together to raise funds to protect forests in Germany and Colombia.

GamesForest.Club wants to increase awareness among the gaming community of the importance of trees, and also protects existing forests as a way to fight back against climate change. As part of its efforts, it also hosts an interactive virtual forest that adds a new digital tree for every €100 donated so that those that donate can better visualise their impact. 

So far the club has protected around 1.4 million square metres of forest and grown 73,000 new trees. Trees are much needed as a way to offset climate change because they absorb CO2. Nearly €15,000 has already been donated to the reforestation projects of GamesForest.Club by DreamHack license holder Freaks 4U Gaming, and around 1,000 trees have already been protected.

The fundraising team-up initiative between the three companies came about as part of the climate protection partnership for DreamHack Hannover 2022, which will take place between December 15 and December 18, 2022. It will feature esports tournaments, meetings with content creators, tabletop game activities and its longstanding LAN party.

“The forest doesn’t grow quickly; it’s a long and rewarding process for the environment. In the same way, we believe the partnership between GamesForest.Club and Freaks 4U Gaming will be just as long-lasting and sustainable. We’ll be working closely together to restore nature, backed by the power of the gaming community,” explains Maria Wagner, co-founder and general manager of GamesForest.Club.

“Hardly any topic is more important at the moment than climate change. We are all pleased to have found partners in the WWF and GamesForest.Club, who not only ensure sustainable climate protection but also share our passion for gaming and esports,” added Michael Haenisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming.

Whether you’re headed to DreamHack Hannover or not, if you’d like to learn more about GamesForest.Club, or would like to donate and protect trees, you can do so here.

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