Xbox 360 dash update gets more new features

Microsoft has announced a number of extra changes that are on the way in the next Xbox 360 dashboard update due out on November 4th.

Chief amongst the additions in a reworking of the codec powering voice chat. This will provide improved audio quality for those chatting with friends while playing games or watching videos.

The in-dashboard virtual keyboard has been streamlined and the Marketplace UI has been re-arranged to expedite access to content. Also altered is the way in which the console signs up to wireless networks.

It will now be easier to sign in and sign out players’ profiles in the Guide menu, and a brand new sub-menu in which players can easily browse all their 100 per cent completed games has also been introduced.

Changing your Gamertag has also been simplified (though it has not been made any cheaper), with the dash offering up alternatives if the new moniker a player seeks has already been taken.

It had previously been revealed that Avatars will also be getting an interesting tweak – they’ll be getting a bit taller, so as to aid compatibility with Kinect titles that use them. In addition the update will add full Kinect support and the Zune music and movie marketplace.

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