Xbox 360 enjoys biggest European sales week ever

Platform holder Microsoft has revealed that it ‘recently’ enjoyed its biggest ever sales week in Europe – and it’s thanking the effects of the economic crisis for the boom.

A press release from the firm reads: British families are set to spend more quality time together than in the last ten years this Christmas, as the economic downturn drives more families to stay at home and enjoy entertainment together.

These trends show that providing both a broad experience and value to consumers with Xbox 360 is in line with consumer sentiment. To date, we have sold seven million consoles in Europe and recently enjoyed our biggest sales week ever. Our trend research shows that families are looking for gifts that keep on giving throughout the year.

At an entry-level ERP of 129.99, Xbox 360 offers an amazing experience for the whole family, so with the constant rise in other entertainment based activities such as going to the cinema, concerts and football games, it’s clear Xbox 360 offers great entertainment value for families.”

The report comes after claims from Microsoft that the Xbox 360 is currently outselling PS3 in Europe. Claims which Sony doesn’t seem to agree with, incidentally.

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