Xbox 360 has broken industry models

Platform holder Microsoft has claimed that Xbox 360’s ongoing sales gains have heralded a mid-generation leadership change” that puts its console at the front of the pack.

Analysts are telling us that we’ve broken all their models,” Microsoft Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told Gamasutra.

They say there’s never been a mid-generation leadership change like this. Once you set course on a trajectory for market share and you’re out in front from an install base perspective, you usually don’t change."

Furthermore, Greenberg insists that the Xbox 360 continues to outsell both the PS3 and Wii in Europe.

We get a number of independent sell-through data, and we get the data across the main markets, and we are right now outselling the Wii and the PS3, which is exciting as that market has traditionally been more competitive for us.”

Maintaining his confident momentum, Greenberg also reiterated the platform holder’s belief that Xbox 360 is no more than half way through its total lifecycle.

We do think that this generation is unique,” he explained. We’re treating the launch of Kinect as an entirely new platform launch, as almost a new generation. For us that does extend the product life cycle.

We’re five years in. We think we have another good five years-plus, but that remains to be seen – but easily there’s another five years’ life.”

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