Xbox 360 Kinect won’t get PC Kinect upgrades

Microsoft has confirmed that the functionality changes made to the upcoming PC version of Kinect won’t be available for the Xbox 360 model.

Chief amongst the changes for the new Kinect is the addition of Near Mode, which allows the camera to detect and react to objects as close as 50cm from its lens.

This provides a huge benefit, for obvious reasons. One of the main criticisms aimed at Xbox 360 Kinect is the amount of space the device requires to operate properly in the home.

It was speculated in November that the changes implemented for the PC version of the camera could be carried over to the console version via a firmware update.

However, the news that Kinect PC won’t be compatible with Xbox 360 crushes these hopes.

Kinect for Windows will be released on February 1st and will cost $249.

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