Xbox All Access: console on contract officially announced

Microsoft has officially announced its rumoured contract service for the Xbox One, now known to definitely be called Xbox All Access.

The programme offers consumers the chance to pick up their choice of Xbox console, along with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, for no up-front cost and a regular monthly fee. Said fee is payable across a 24-month contract and, once it’s up, the console is yours to keep (though the subscriptions lapse, naturally).

The service was rumoured just last week, and Microsoft has obviously felt the need to pull the trigger on the announcement – posting details on the Xbox Wire. It’s said to be a limited time offer and while stocks last at Microsoft Stores, but there’s always the chance if it proves successful the offer will both be extended in time and geographical availability (it’s US-only at the time of writing).

Prices start at $21.99 (£17) a month for an Xbox One S with the subscriptions – a total of $527.76 (£409), some $60 (£47) cheaper than buying each thing separately over the course of 24 months… at least at RRP.

The higher-priced subscription of $34.99 (£27) a month bags you an Xbox One X with the subscriptions, for a total cost of $839.76 (£651) – just about $20 (£16) cheaper than buying everything separately at RRP.

Basically, you’ll get a better deal shopping around. But if you’re short on cash or would just prefer to pay for something on a monthly basis (and you’re in the States), Xbox All Access offers surprisingly decent value.

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