XBOX: MGS Rising to use Kinect

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be compatible with Kinect, Hideo Kojima.

The game puts players in the role of returning character Raiden and is based primarily on sword combat, which is controlled by the newly-named motion controller.

I felt it was important for my team to come up with something new,” said legendary developer Hideo Kojima, before the game was demonstrated during Microsoft’s E3 conference.

The game’s producer, Shegnobu Mastuyama, claimed the combat was based on the concept of Zan-datsu: Zan being the Japanese for ‘to cut’, and ‘datsu’ meaning to take. A trailer was then shown demonstrating the brutal cuts that can be made in battle.

The game is not confirmed to be an Xbox 360-exclusive, so Rising could be heading to the PS3 and will presumably use Move. No release date was given.

UPDATE: It seems as if Kinect support has not in fact been confirmed after all.

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